The 8 best jQuery plugins with awesome features

jquery plugin

JQuery is a fantastic library for designing and developing website. We list out the some of the best jQuery plugins.All the jQuery plugins on this website are free to download.

Gmap.js Plugin

Gmap js allows you to use the potential of Google Maps in a simple way and clean documentation to implement the code. It has lot of features starting from basic map layout to Street View Panoramas.

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gmaps plugin

RowGrid.js Plugin

It is A small, lightweight jQuery plugin for placing items in straight rows.The grid is similar to grids on Google Image Search, flickr, shutterstock and Google+ images.


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Simple Vertical Menu

It is very Simple and very stylish vertical menu using some CSS3, a bit of jQuery, a custom text font and the most impressive icon font you can find at this moment, which is FontAwesome.


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Pick-a-Color Js Plugin

Pick-a-Color is designed to be easy for anyone to use. The interface is based on Twitter Bootstrap styles so it looks lovely with the styles of almost any site.


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Viewport Image Resize

Simple & hassle-free image resize & crop based on a pseudo-viewport.


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jQuery Music Equalizer and Visualizer

This is a lightweight and cross-browser music equalizer and visualizer made in JQuery and HTML5, it’s very easy to use and highly customizable, you can even play a music file while it’s on, although the equalizing does not reflect the music variations, because the Audio API is still new and it is not compatible with all browsers, but you can use this plugin until the Audio API is fully compatible and functional on all browsers.


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CSS3 Lightbox Image Gallery

It is very rich and well documented Lightbox Image Gallery plugin. it’s suitable to display a gallery of images, it requires two instances of the same image, a smaller one for the thumbnail, and a big one to display, it uses CSS3 transitions and animations, so we can make the large image appear in a fancy way.


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This is simple little plugin is an image slider without the bells and whistles. It only slides, but as a consequence it’s tiny in size and super-responsive. Slides can contain HTML, be configured with CSS and there’s built-in keyboard-control support too.It has been tested in all the latest browsers and works well


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